Saturday, April 10, 2010

On a sunny day

Lately, I am more into accessories and makeup as understandingly my clothes do fit the same but I have one more month to go so I am hanging in there.

I went to the farmers market and could not resit to buy myself some fresh roses and also some tulips. Of course, they are better quality than the ones you get at the deli not only by their fraguance but also their colors. I then went to a street fair and I had a crush on this vintage handbag by Ruth Saltz, so cool. I love the tiger's head and the aubergine color. It has a little bit of Carlos Falchi but it is unique of course. The salesperson was so nice. She told me the whole story about the designer who after making handbags decided to retire and paint.
I got the alpaca pouch at one of my favorite store called Makie. The store is awesome.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.