Tuesday, May 25, 2010

fill in the blanks: fashion

I love those knitted sweater; they are so beautiful and comfy with style.

1. One fashion trend I really regret is shoulder pads, but that was in the 80's; I was still looking for my style.

2. The one thing that always completes any outfit is wedges or clogs with heels and Eugenia Kim hat and a handbag of course. I love handbags. I am a girly girl.

3. I would describe my personal style as modern, pratical, feminine.

4. My fashion muse is, well I don't one person in mind specifically. Strong women like Madonna, Coco Chanel inspires me but I can't say that they are my fashion muses. I am inspired by fashion magazines, people walking in the streets, window displays, clothes that celebritries are wearing at the Oscars for example. After visualizing clothes, I come up with an outfit that suits me best and make me feel good wearing it.

5. If I could own one designer piece of clothing it would be a dress from Rodarte. Dresses from Rodarte are art pieces.

6. I would love to raid the wardrobe of Chloe Sevigny probably.

7. Today I am wearing black pants and top, brown leather jacket, my wooden clogs, my Carlos Falchi for Target bag and my Eugenia Kim cool hat.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Some lilies of the Valley for the first of May and other projects

For the first of May, it is good luck to give to someone some lilies of the Valley. I got some this Saturday at Armelle's chocolate fondue party. I love lilies of the Valley; it smells so good.
I am planning on finishing up my artwork for our living room and the baby sweater, the sooner the better. The baby is due on June 3rd but she is in charge. She will decide.

I wish everyone a great week.