Thursday, June 25, 2009

Recipes + New felt necklace

I am into felt lately. It is super fun. Thanks to youtube, I teached myself how to do the eye candy felt. I basically put the felt in a panty hose that I tied and put all of them in a pillow case that I tied also then I let the wash machine do the work.
I did this recipe last night with the Italian chicken and it was a great success.

I did some steamed broccoli on the side. I feel that you can never eat to many vegetables.
Voila, I hope you find this post somehow inspiring. Have a good weekend! I hope it will stop raining. My mother had her bone narrow treatment. She seems happy about it. Although, it is not a cure, we all hope in the family that it will put her disease (which is unfortunately ALS) to remission. At this point, since there is no cure, we can only hope and pray.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What inspires me

I love Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Brigitte Bardot in God created women

Goldfinger of course with Sean Connery, my favorite Bond.

In Dr. No Ursula Andress She was born in Switzerland.

Haute Couture dresses

My favorite label of all time, Lyell

I love also Mayle. Unfortunately, Mayle does not exist anymore. But I have a cardigan and one of her catalog to cherish.

Inspiration behind BUBBLE of JOY

I went through a folder that I call Inspiration and I found the original drawing for my painting Bubble of Joy. It's amazing. I forgot all about it. I just wanted to share with you all my sketches. I got inspired by the fish shagreen so when I saw a while back in 2001 an article in the Vogue magazine about shagreen bags and when I found some plastic tubes in a store, I got all excited and went ahead in the making of Bubble of Joy. I drew also inspiration from my childhood seeing my brother creating a painting made of colorful silk paper, like a collage.

I originally called Bubble of Joy, Ray of Sun as you can see below but come to think of it, I decided to call it Bubble of Joy because I love bubble bath, the more bubbles the better and if the bubbles come in color then I am in heaven.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What I like in no specific order and dislike...

Josie, the bear made by Jennifer Murphy wearing proudly one of my handmade necklaces.

My dog handbag; whenever  I wear it put smiles on people's face.

I love the colors of this blanket that my great grandmother on my mother side crocheted.

Adorable Christmas decoration made by my grandmother on my father side. I got from my grandmother the creative bug. It is in the family.

Aren't they cute those marzipan animals?

I love sunset. There is something magical about capturing this moment.

I love exotic flowers.
My first lucite pair of earring in color pink of course and heart shape.

Hand painted porcelain cup with saucer by my grandmother on my father side.

As a tradition, I used to make for each Christmas pillows in the shape of fruits for members of my family. This picture was taken at my aunt place. I am glad to see that after all those years the pillows are still there and in a good shape.

The Alps.

Chihuahua make me laugh and put me in a good mood. 
They are so cute. I love them.

Additionally I like:
Swiss chocolates (chocmel, rayon), mimosa on Sundays, 
lying on the beach, vintage, 
champagne, dogs, dragonflies, filet de perche, hiking, skiing, 
hero jam, the Alps.

I dislike: brussel sprouts, moskitoes 
(and also the ones you can't see by the beach), 
sunburn, alarm clocks,umbrellas, cigarettes, pigeons, 
remote controls.

What I have been up to this weekend

I went this weekend to the Renegade in Brooklyn. I was planning to go with a girlfriend but I have not heard from her so I went by myself. But it happen that actually, she did call me; I just did not hear my phone nor did I think of checking my messages. Luckily, she ran into me so then we ended spending the whole day looking for stuff and buying a few without going too crazy. This is a top above that I bought not at the Renegade but on Bedford Street in a shop that sells vintage. I like the color combo, why not.
This is a necklace that I made this weekend for my mother. I mailed it on Saturday along with the aquamarine necklace with the citrine center piece. Since 2007 there is a cloud above my head. I wish I could do something about it. So I made this necklace of semi-precious stones in the hope to bring good energy for my mother upcoming bone narrow treatment in Mexico. I hope that this treatment will be beneficial (this is our last hope) in a sense to put the disease in remission. I am talking about ALS unfortunately. No matter how I feel, it is nothing to compare to my mother that I love dearly. She is courageous. I admire her. My heart goes to Barbara, one of her sister who will be traveling with her. I made her also a necklace because not only she deserves the best but also I believe in the meaning of the stones, so whatever good energy I can send in the cosmos, I will do it.
Thanks for reading. Now, I am going back to one of my purchase of this weekend. I bought this pin up poster from a vendor in Williamsburg. I will buy a frame and then put it in the bathroom. It looks gorgeous. It is not only for guys, don't you think so?

I actually bought something at the Renegade, a necklace and two hair pins. I love the necklace with the crochet surrounding the chain from A.S.I.S
Check out her website. I found it really inspiring. The flower hair pin are crocheted flowers, how cute. yes, I know I am a girly girl and I am proud of it. I check out her blog quite frequently actually; it is called WREN handmade.

I love Fogal

I went recently to the Fogal store. They sell exclusive hosiery to die for. I don't need any additional tights but the thought of buying something that is well made puts me in a good mood. I love their brochure which explains in detail the fibers. I am reading this brochure in the subway. I had no idea that Vicuna is more expensive than cashmere and also that cashmere comes from a goat and to get the cashmere; they comb the goat. Wow! I love to look at the faces of the vicuna or the baby alpaga; they are so cute; it makes me want to go travel just to give them a big hug.

I love those tights in nude color with a sprinkle of confetti. It is so feminine, elegant and discreet. It is giving the nude tights a fun twist.

Flashback and Christian Lacroix

This is one of my favorite picture of all time. My mother took this picture and got me by surprise as I was not supposed to put my feet on the sofa.
I love reading fashion and interior design magazines since an early age as you can see on this photograph. I imagined in my head a world of beauty and perfection. My specialty at school unfortunately was day dreaming to the point that teachers did not know what to do with me. Eventually later on in life, I pulled myself together and got some kind of diploma but it was a long path with some bigger and smaller bumps until I got to that point.
At the age of 11, I discovered Christian Lacroix without knowing who he was but I loved his dresses so I cut images out of magazines and taped them in my closet. It is only later on while studying fashion that I realized who he was. It is unfortunate what is happening to his fashion house. I am still in denial. I am sure that at some point when things will change economically that he will come back. I love to look at his runway, I mean this is beyond anything more beautiful in the world. It is so whimsical. Looking at his dresses with the unusual color mixes, embroidery, hats let your imagination wonder somewhere very far away from my world.
But it is good to dream. I dream everyday still. His dresses are very Mary Antoinette but in the 21st century.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I love peonies

I am into pink lately and I love peonies for their unique fragrance and their beautiful colors and petals. Their petals are so soft. What is amazing about peonies is that the whole room smells good. Pink is such a good color. It gives me a sense of hope in general.
I think peonies are even more beautiful than the usual suspect roses. What do you think?

I've been tagged by Anabela from Fieldguided!!!!!

What is your favorite quote (for now)?
I like quotes by Coco Chanel who is a true inspiration to me.
"A woman who wears no perfume has no future."
"In order to be irreplaceable one must be different."
"The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud."

What is your favorite tea flavor?
I like jasmin tea but also tea that blossoms.

This is hilarious, my first tag ever!!!!! This is awesome. Thanks Anabela for tagging me.
Anabela has the most wonderful blog I check it out everyday. It inspires me.
Alright, I hope I do this right, since it is my first one. I just copied the question from her own tag.:0)
Here it goes: (sorry about the order, I am still figuring out how to blog properly)

What is your must have of the moment?
Jacques Torres coffee. I can't think of anything else at the present time.

What would you like to get in your hands right now?
Rayon from Cailler, my favorite Swiss chocolate. It is like eating bubbles of chocolate. It melts in your mouth. Simply delicious.

What was your favorite children's book?
I have never been a book reader but I loved the images of the different dresses that Cinderella was wearing. Come to think of it, I used to read in French (French is my mother tongue) les aventures de Martine. Here a picture of me with my grandfather on my father side.

What is on your bedside table?
My flying monkey. I am too old for this but whatever. It is good to be young at heart.

What is your weakness?
Chocolate bunnies at Easter time. Otherwise chocolate in general, preferably Swiss chocolate.

What is your favorite color?
Fushia pink at the present time. I am currently knitting a poncho. Knitting in pink puts me in a good mood.

Current obsession: Vintage. I like this top with the sequins.

This vintage top looks like Missoni to me. Perfect for spring.

What is your current obsession?
I will say vintage. I went recently to a flea market in Brooklyn and found some cool tops. I like the fact that vintage has a story behind it and it is more eco-friendly; also I like to help out whenever I can independent designers, small boutique.

What is your weirdest obsession?
hum! I don't think collecting japanese socks is weird but maybe the fact that in my family everyone expect me is looking forward to eat beef tongue at Christmas; I think this is weird. They order it two weeks in advance to make sure they get some then the tongue cooks for hours. Unfortunately, I had to eat the tongue as a kid, no exception. I thought parents were supposed to make sure kids eat their veggies. Anyway, I am glad to eat whatever I want now.

What do you see outside your window?
Skyscrapers from downtown Manhattan and a little bit of the river. I live in a concrete world.

What animal would you be?
A bird, I think it is awesome to be able to fly, defying gravity. Fly like a bird, being free.

What would you like to learn how to do?
Change a tire, I am totally clueless. Also, how to do a tarte tartin. Just to think of it, I am getting hungry.

What do you want to never happen in life?
Loose a loved ones due to terminal illness.

What is the last thing you bought?
I shouldn't have bought anything but this is what happen when I go into my favorite store called Lyell in New York City
I bought a black top hand knitted in black mohair.

What do you think about the person that tagged you?
Anabela is awesome. I love her blog. She writes so well. It is amazing.

Who do you want to meet in person?
The Dalai Lama. I like the philosophy of the buddhist.

What did you want to be as a child?
A horse rider or a hair dresser.

What did you dream about last night?
I don't remember. I slept like a rock like a usually do.

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?
The last thing I bought which is the vintage pieces. But also my true religion jeans. I love jeans.

What is your plan for tomorrow?
A girlfriend of mine contacted me and asked me if I wanted to work for her just a couple days this week to help a friend of hers with her interior design business. I said yes immediately. I like to help out people. I used to work full time as a resource librarian for an architectural firm but with this economy,they had to let me go. So, this week, I am going to get busy which is good.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
Hawaii definitely. I love the exotic flowers and the fact that everyone is so relax there, hang loose as they say.

Which do you prefer, day or night?
I like day time because everyday is a new day to me, full of hope, a new beginning.