Friday, September 25, 2009

COCO before Chanel movie and my new creation

Here are photographs of my latest creation. I am very happy the way it came out. It is Hawaii meets downtown Manhattan. I love the puffed flower clasp, very POP ART to me. Pop Art is my favorite art movement. The stone are fluorite. I love the transparency and the color.

I am looking forward to this movie about the life of COCO, Coco before Chanel played by the French actress Audrey Tatou. It is coming out tonight in New York City. If you happen to see the movie, feel free to leave a message with your comments and impressions on the movie and COCO. I wish a great weekend to all of you. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog.the images of your creation is also very nice .
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fraisedesbois said...

Thank you for your nice comments. Have a good day!:0)