Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some of my favorite places in New York City

Cafe Gitane is an awesome place to have lunch. It is located in Lolita at 242 Mott Street. I love on the menu the curry chicken sticks with the rice.

It is like a rainbow entering the store Purl in Soho. There are so many beautiful yarns; it is hard to choose from. On a rainy day, it is the perfect place to be if you like knitting or crochet of course. Purl Soho is located at 137 Sullivan Street. After shopping, I usually go for an apple cider at Once Upon a tart.

Once Upon a tart has delicious tarts, sandwiches and salads. A dream.

Let me know your impressions if you end up checking out those places.

Have a good day!:0)

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