Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wishful thinking

Wearing my new Lyell top with a blouse that I claimed from my mother. The skirt is from Zara. I love the fact that the skirt has pockets; pockets give me something to do with my hands and give me confidence.

My beloved grandmother

Nice picture of my mother and I.

I wish that everyone including myself would be 10 years younger in my family; I would be in my life where I am now and my grandmother would be able to hear me and my mother would not be sick. Wouldn't be nice? Also, this extra time will allow my family to enjoy the bubble of joy who is expected to arrive at the beginning of June. But things are the way they are and I have to deal with the reality. This Christmas, my husband and I will be celebrating with my mother making the most of it and enjoying this precious moment. I wish you all a Happy Holiday.
Take care

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Kennedy said...

oh girl, i would KILL for anything by lyell. everything they have is so so so beautiful. lucky you! <3