Saturday, February 27, 2010

The winner of Aloha flower puff necklace is ....

CAROLINE!!! Congratulations!!

The winner has been selected via

Thanks everyone for participating in my giveaway. I will have some other giveaways no worries.

Hope everyone is doing well. It has been snowing a lot in New York City. I like snow but mostly in the mountains as in the city the snow does not stay white for a long time.The photo above is from last weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I can't wait for the beach season in New York until then, I will keep looking at photos like this one.

Take care of yourself.

Have a great weekend!!!



C-bird said...

Caroline? Is that me? Did I win the Aloha flower puff necklace!? I also love the aquamarine beads.

fraisedesbois said...

You make me laugh Caroline. You are so funny. Let's get together for coffee sometimes soon. Have a good day! Take care.