Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ceramics created by my mother + picture of myself and doll

Yesterday, a messenger delivered this artwork composed of ceramics created by my mother a long time ago. Brentano Frames in NYC did such a lovely job at framing those ceramics. Now, this new artwork is hanging in our foyer and I am very delighted and happy. I am sure my mother would love to hear that. I will need to hear her thoughts on that. I love my mother very much; I just wished she never got this nasty disease that is ALS. Anyway, thanks for reading. I am also including a picture of the Sonia Rykiel doll; this is all I could get at H&M since everything else was sold out. Also a picture of myself wearing blue eye shadow. I love blue; it is my favorite color and it puts me in a good mood. Now, I am off to the gym.
Have a lovely week!
Take care.


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