Monday, January 18, 2010

10 things that makes me happy

Danielle at had the wonderful idea to write about ten things that makes her happy. So, following in the same path, I will do the same because this is fun.
Here there are:

1. Every morning, I like to look at the seagulls flying above my window. I like their spirit. It puts me in a good mood to watch them flying. My favorite birds are the woodpecker and also owls. Owls are so mysterious to me. There was a woodpecker living in a tree at one of my husband's friends place in Connecticut and you could hear him working. It is hilarious. A former coworker told me that owls watch on people who are sick because they are night birds. I think that I will make my mother an owl because she needs it.

2. I am into a knitting craze lately. I am knitting everyday. I found it very meditative, relaxing and rewarding. I am currently knitting a baby blanket for I can't believe I am writing this, for my baby girl due in June.

3. I like to go hiking in the mountains. When I am in the mountains surrounded by nature, I am in my elements. Same thing goes with skiing. I love skiing; the open air, the Alps, breathing deeply and going down the mountains. It is invigorating.

4. I love to look everyday at my dolls seating on my desk; it puts me in a good mood. Little things make me happy. I am a kid at heart despite the fact that I am passed the due age. Nevermind.

5. I love making crafts, especially dolls. I love sewing. I have a major in Women's wear actually. So, sometimes, I make myself clothes too.

6. I love to put makeup on, especially with shimmer for the eye shadow. I love Midnight Cowboys rides again from Urban Decay. It is sparkles in a champagne color. So cool.

7. Getting an apple cider at my favorite bakery in New York City, Once Upon a tart. I go there almost everyday. Drinking apple cider if so healthy and the one they sell is pasteurized, perfect for me.

8. Watercolor is a fun medium. I should get back into it. I have not done a watercolor for a long time now.

9. Making jewelry. I find it rewarding to spend a certain amount of time creating something and using your imagination and then have something unique to wear.

10. Drinking smoothies from Odwalla. It is delicious and so refreshing.
I forgot to mention that I love Champagne, especially Mimosa on Sundays. I don't drink any right now since I am pregnant but in June after the choupinette (little pumpkin) is born, I will definitely drink some.

Bonus: I forgot to mention that I LOVE SWISS CHOCOLATE especially Cailler (Chocmel and Rayon), Ragusa. You can only find those labels in Switzerland. One of my best friend living there was so nice sending me some.

I don't know if the following bloggers would be interested, but I am tagging Sara, Anabela, Tara-Lynn. I wish I knew more people in the blog world but those are some bloggers that I read frequently. I was thinking about Kennedy but I think she already wrote once about ten things she likes. If Kennedy, you read this and would like to be tagged, let me know because I love your blog.

Alright, thanks for reading. Have a great day and a good week! Take care. XOXO


anabela / fieldguided said...

Hi! Thanks for tagging me! I'll have to take some time to really think about this one. xo

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I know I've said it before, but you are so incredibly talented. Your knitting, your painting, your doll-making, everything is amazing!

Have you gotten any pictures of your baby girl from an ultrasound? I'm very excited for you!

fraisedesbois said...

Thanks Danielle. You are so kind. Last week, I had a sonogram. It is impressive and amazing. The baby girl did some kicks. It is amazing what you can do with technologies nowadays. Going back in the days of my grandmother and even my mum, it was more wait and see. I am happy to be living in the 21st century. Have a good day! Take care.

Anonymous said...

quelle jolie nouvelle!!! je t'adresse toutes mes félicitations!
bravo aussi pour la poupée, elle est ravissante :-)
je te souhaite une belle journée new-yorkaise!