Sunday, January 17, 2010

New mittens, childhood memories, a funky dress.

My mother gave me a long time ago childhood pictures. I love to look at them. It puts a smile on my face remembering those times. I remember clearly as it was yesterday, when my mother took me by surprise and took that photograph of myself seating on the sofa.It is my favorite picture of all time. What I like about childhood pictures is that children are natural, spontaneous. Already, at a young age, I used to read fashion magazines. I loved and still do to look at beautiful images; I am creating my own imaginary world. Today, I wore this dress which I think is super cool and fun. Also, I finished my new mittens with an Edelweiss embroidered on it. How cool is that!!! I love them. It is perfect actually to wore them today as it is cold outside and chilly.
Last week, I went to the French Institute with the hope of borrowing the other book by Muriel Barbery, La Gourmandise but she is very popular writer right now and this book was out; so I borrowed another book from another writer. From Muriel Barbery, I highly recommend L'elegance de l'herisson (it also comes in English but since French is my mother tongue, I read it in French of course)

Anyway, have a great week and stay warm!

Take care.



danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Hey Catherine! Such a pretty mini dress. I love to wear them with boots in the winter.

You asked about adding the button from my blog...
Copy the code that is underneath it, then go to where it says "Dashboard" at the top of the page, then when you are there, click on "customize." When you get to that, you will see how your blog is set up, and that's where you edit the look of your blog. On the right side of that section, click "Add Gadget" and when that window pops up, shoose the option that says, "HTML/Java" and then paste the code from my blog into that and click save. That's how you add the button!

Kennedy said...

you are the cutest little kid! and thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my last post, you gave me such good advice, and i really appreciate it! you are awesome <3

fraisedesbois said...
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fraisedesbois said...

Glad to help out Kennedy whenever I can. Take care of yourself. Cheers!!

fraisedesbois said...

I finally managed to do the button knick knack exchange. I'm all proud now.:0)