Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two things I love around my home, what I am currently on

My mother gave me those ceramic tiles that she made a while back. Actually, she has been doing ceramics for twenty years. She does mugs, vases, plates.... I have a whole collection from her at home. I love this tiles and I am planning on turning into an artwork. I will ask a frame shop in NYC to do the work for me. I hope they can do it so then I will be able to hang it on the wall and look at it everyday. Wouldn't that be great?

I received this ceramic as a wedding gift from my mother. I grew up actually looking at it since it was in the living room of my mum's apartment. I love this sculpture although I am the only one in the house because it is kind of surrealistic. It is made by a Swiss artist. His name is Stucki from what I can read from his signature. Now, it is seating on a chest of drawers in our bedroom.

I am currently working on a baby blanket. It is a multicolored one since it will be a June baby. I wanted something fun and colorful and different from all pink; although I have to admit, most of the clothes I bought for her from Gap Kids are pink; I could not resist.

Alright, have a good day!

Take care.



Anonymous said...

your mom is so talented! i treasure the things my grandmother has made--she's an artist--and they are so beautiful to me!

tiny twig

Kassi said...

thanks for playing along and linking up!

the tiles are beautiful and the sculpture is very unique!

thanks again for playing - i hope you have a lovely wednesday

Pennie said...

The tiles are really beautiful!

Caroline Eve said...

that ceramic people monster is great

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

Your tiles are really neat. I've missed working with ceramics since I did it in school, it's so fun!