Sunday, January 24, 2010

Latest movie I have seen, what inspires me

Beautiful movie. I love Emily Blunt, the costume, the story of course. We saw it last night; totally worth it.
Today it is drizzling and the sky is grey so I decided to have a hot chocolate from my favorite place called Jacques Torres Chocolate If you are visting New York City and you like chocolate; it is totally worth it to check the store out.

I received in the mail this gift from Weewonderfuls as as thank you gift as I was a pattern tester for one of her creations. I am a big fan of her dolls. I love dolls.

I am currently working on a baby blanket. I thought of knitting a multicolored one instead of the usual suspected color pink; since it will be a June baby. Interestingly enough, well I guess for me, I can hear my own heat beat through my ears. Apparently, it is normal my gynecologue told me as my heart is working harder.

This weekend, we saw on DVD the movie called Les Innocents ont les mains sales.
I love Romy Schneider. She is so elegant. Her style inspires me.

I participated in the giveaway from Her owls creations are so cute; I could not resist. I found out about this giveaway through one of my favorite blog

Hope everyone had a good weekend.



danielle and dinosaur toes said...

That looks like a really good movie, and I like Emily Blunt, so I might have to go see it!

Have you started to grow much with your baby or had any crazy food cravings?

fraisedesbois said...

Hi Danielle,
There is a little bump now.:0) Next week, I will be in my 22 weeks. As far as food craving, nothing out of the ordinary really. I like yogurt ice-cream. I have read that other companies like Ben and Jerry's and Haagen Das have egg yolk and that this is not good for pregnant women.I love Odwalla fruit smoothies especially Strawberry C monster. I have a sweet tooth so I like cupcakes especially from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. I love the name of this place in the East Village in NYC. Thanks for asking. Have a good day! Take care.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the young victoria, looks amazing. Great start on the blanket, I can't knit but I keep at it. June will be right around the corner, congrats!