Sunday, June 7, 2009

What I have been up to this weekend

I went this weekend to the Renegade in Brooklyn. I was planning to go with a girlfriend but I have not heard from her so I went by myself. But it happen that actually, she did call me; I just did not hear my phone nor did I think of checking my messages. Luckily, she ran into me so then we ended spending the whole day looking for stuff and buying a few without going too crazy. This is a top above that I bought not at the Renegade but on Bedford Street in a shop that sells vintage. I like the color combo, why not.
This is a necklace that I made this weekend for my mother. I mailed it on Saturday along with the aquamarine necklace with the citrine center piece. Since 2007 there is a cloud above my head. I wish I could do something about it. So I made this necklace of semi-precious stones in the hope to bring good energy for my mother upcoming bone narrow treatment in Mexico. I hope that this treatment will be beneficial (this is our last hope) in a sense to put the disease in remission. I am talking about ALS unfortunately. No matter how I feel, it is nothing to compare to my mother that I love dearly. She is courageous. I admire her. My heart goes to Barbara, one of her sister who will be traveling with her. I made her also a necklace because not only she deserves the best but also I believe in the meaning of the stones, so whatever good energy I can send in the cosmos, I will do it.
Thanks for reading. Now, I am going back to one of my purchase of this weekend. I bought this pin up poster from a vendor in Williamsburg. I will buy a frame and then put it in the bathroom. It looks gorgeous. It is not only for guys, don't you think so?

I actually bought something at the Renegade, a necklace and two hair pins. I love the necklace with the crochet surrounding the chain from A.S.I.S
Check out her website. I found it really inspiring. The flower hair pin are crocheted flowers, how cute. yes, I know I am a girly girl and I am proud of it. I check out her blog quite frequently actually; it is called WREN handmade.

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