Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flashback and Christian Lacroix

This is one of my favorite picture of all time. My mother took this picture and got me by surprise as I was not supposed to put my feet on the sofa.
I love reading fashion and interior design magazines since an early age as you can see on this photograph. I imagined in my head a world of beauty and perfection. My specialty at school unfortunately was day dreaming to the point that teachers did not know what to do with me. Eventually later on in life, I pulled myself together and got some kind of diploma but it was a long path with some bigger and smaller bumps until I got to that point.
At the age of 11, I discovered Christian Lacroix without knowing who he was but I loved his dresses so I cut images out of magazines and taped them in my closet. It is only later on while studying fashion that I realized who he was. It is unfortunate what is happening to his fashion house. I am still in denial. I am sure that at some point when things will change economically that he will come back. I love to look at his runway, I mean this is beyond anything more beautiful in the world. It is so whimsical. Looking at his dresses with the unusual color mixes, embroidery, hats let your imagination wonder somewhere very far away from my world.
But it is good to dream. I dream everyday still. His dresses are very Mary Antoinette but in the 21st century.

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