Sunday, June 7, 2009

What I like in no specific order and dislike...

Josie, the bear made by Jennifer Murphy wearing proudly one of my handmade necklaces.

My dog handbag; whenever  I wear it put smiles on people's face.

I love the colors of this blanket that my great grandmother on my mother side crocheted.

Adorable Christmas decoration made by my grandmother on my father side. I got from my grandmother the creative bug. It is in the family.

Aren't they cute those marzipan animals?

I love sunset. There is something magical about capturing this moment.

I love exotic flowers.
My first lucite pair of earring in color pink of course and heart shape.

Hand painted porcelain cup with saucer by my grandmother on my father side.

As a tradition, I used to make for each Christmas pillows in the shape of fruits for members of my family. This picture was taken at my aunt place. I am glad to see that after all those years the pillows are still there and in a good shape.

The Alps.

Chihuahua make me laugh and put me in a good mood. 
They are so cute. I love them.

Additionally I like:
Swiss chocolates (chocmel, rayon), mimosa on Sundays, 
lying on the beach, vintage, 
champagne, dogs, dragonflies, filet de perche, hiking, skiing, 
hero jam, the Alps.

I dislike: brussel sprouts, moskitoes 
(and also the ones you can't see by the beach), 
sunburn, alarm clocks,umbrellas, cigarettes, pigeons, 
remote controls.

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andrea said...

Your fruit pillows are so amazing!!