Sunday, June 7, 2009

I love Fogal

I went recently to the Fogal store. They sell exclusive hosiery to die for. I don't need any additional tights but the thought of buying something that is well made puts me in a good mood. I love their brochure which explains in detail the fibers. I am reading this brochure in the subway. I had no idea that Vicuna is more expensive than cashmere and also that cashmere comes from a goat and to get the cashmere; they comb the goat. Wow! I love to look at the faces of the vicuna or the baby alpaga; they are so cute; it makes me want to go travel just to give them a big hug.

I love those tights in nude color with a sprinkle of confetti. It is so feminine, elegant and discreet. It is giving the nude tights a fun twist.

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